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Quorum Group is proud to promote a new project that will change an industrial area into a residential site. This project will complete the residential landscape of Pierrefonds.

In addition to encouraging active travel, this TOD (Transit Oriented Development) project is part of a vision of smart development where high density real estate development is encouraged, structured around a high capacity transit station, the new Sunnybrook REM.

A commercial area is planned on the first floor of the building and talks are underway to set up a resto-café… nothing like a good coffee to start the day for REM users and project and neighbourhood residents alike! And residents will also be able to enjoy a common room adjacent to the restaurant (details to come). Finally, several garden areas will be created on the roof to allow for urban agriculture, community spirit among residents, and a green roof for heat island reduction, which will be a marked improvement over the current site, which has no vegetation or trees.

With four projects under its belt in Pierrefonds, including the Laurin Street project and the shopping centre, both within walking distance of the site, Quorum Group is honoured and excited to continue its long line of quality construction on the West Island with this new project inspired by TOD best practices.

Some important elements of the project:

  • Redevelopment of a neighborhood.
  • Reduced industrial footprint and asphalt area thanks to a project with a rooftop garden and ground-floor green space.
  • Easing of the housing crisis.
  • Response to the growing need for people to live “in the suburbs” with the ability to move around smartly, close to public transportation, i.e. the new Sunnybrook REM and the bus line.
  • Offering a local business, namely a bistro-café, accessible to project residents and the neighborhood as well as users of the Sunnybrook REM, located in front of the project.
  • Project built at the same time as the new REM, thus reducing the impacts and inconveniences caused by its construction.
  • According to an analysis conducted by Stantec, the project will not have an adverse effect on traffic.
  • Project submitted to the City of Montreal’s new policy for a mixed metropolis, aimed at increasing the number of social and affordable housing units in Montreal.
  • Contribution to the community of an amount equivalent to 10% of the area of the developed land for the purpose of creating parks and green spaces.
  • New rental unit project, in high demand by the residents of Pierrefonds and Roxboro.
  • Dense and mixed project designed to avoid urban sprawl.
  • Proposal is consistent with the use and density authorized in the local chapter of the urban plan. The project is subject to future approval (by-law concerning specific construction, alteration, or occupancy proposals for an immovable, or PPCMOI) by the Borough of Pierrefonds.
The Quorum Group believes that it is always important at the beginning of any project to discuss the initiative with neighbouring residents, future residents, and stakeholders. This allows for a clear definition of needs, opinions, and discussions in order to develop a well-designed project before final approval by the municipality.

Note that the project is currently in concept form and is not yet approved by the municipality.

Quorum Group’s development team invites you to share your comments, initiate a discussion, or even schedule an on-site meeting by emailing Please ensure that your message includes the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • The email address where you can be reached
  • Your comments and/or recommendations on the project


Are you interested in renting a unit in this new project? As we are not yet in the marketing phase, we invite you to visit this site again in the near future.

Thank you!